ESXCLI Command to List 'Not Consumed' Devices

Can anyone help with an esxcli command to list 'not consumed' devices by Device ID (.naa*), LUN and Capacity?

If I can even get a partial, then I can manually get the rest from the GUI.  

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I tried this this but couldn't make it work:

$AllDisks = get-vmhost | Get-ScsiLun | select CanonicalName | where {$_.CanonicalName -like "naa.*"}

$DataStoreDisks = Get-Datastore | select @{N='DiskName'; E={$_.ExtensionData.Info.VMFS.extent.diskname}} | where {$_.DiskName -like "naa.*"}

$NotConsumed = $AllDisks | Where-Object { $_ -notin $DataStoreDisks }

The -notin comparison operator does not work for some reason.


I found this though which looks like it might get you close to what you want:

PowerCLI Script that outputs a list of all LUN paths for all ESXi hosts · GitHub

This produces output like:

1 host(s) needs to be processed. Please wait...

Hostname  Datastore    CanonicalName                        # of Paths Path State
--------  ---------    -------------                        ---------- ---------- MY_LUN_NR_01 naa.1234a5678901b2000000000000000003          2 {Active, Active}              naa.1234a5678901b2000000000000000005          2 {Active, Active}              naa.1234a5678901b2000000000000000021          2 {Active, Active}              mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0                          1 Active              naa.1234a5678901b701000000000000010d          2 {Active, Active}              naa.1234a5678901b701000000000000010e          2 {Active, Active}              naa.1234a5678901b2010000000000000013          2 {Active, Active} MY_LUN_NR_02 naa.1234a5678901b7000000000000000508          2 {Active, Active}              naa.1234a5678901b2010000000000000014          2 {Active, Active} MY_LUN       naa.1234a5678901b70000000000000004ac          4 {Active, Active, Active, Active}


In this example all entries without a Datastore name are "not consumed".

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