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ESX/Vcenter Server performance degradation

I see several times that at some points any task stats to take longer than usual.

Even simple tasks like reconfigure VM can take minutes to finish. Maybe important to note that the ESX host has a lot of CPU/RAM spare (50% used at most)

I feel like this happens when the ESX and/or the vcenter server is handling too many requests.

We do many hundreds of them automatically every hour on each host/vcenter

What paramter/s should I check on the ESXi and the vcenter to know the actual load on it? preferably snmp.

Is there some kind of a counter that indicates how stressed out is the hypervisor?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

There could be lot of factors for performance degradation; please see the below resources to analyze what exactly the issue is:

Troubleshooting ESX/ESXi virtual machine performance issues (2001003)


Is there any specific set of actions that can produce this?

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