ESX 4.1(3) not recognizing storage devices on Smart Array P421

We have an existing 2 host HA VSphere 4.1 (3) environment which utilizes an HP 2312SA (SAS) storage system, the controllers that connect to the SAN are LSI1068 E, this environment has been rock steady for 5+ years.

Recently we acquired a second HP2312SA storage system, for the controller is the ESX hosts I used a HP Smart Array P421. I installed the drivers on the host and the Storage adapter is visible in VCenter however no devices show on the adapter. I have re scanned the HBAs as well as for new storage devices yet the LUN from the new storage system does not appear. The HP2312SA has its vdisks and volumes provisioned and are mapped to the P421, the storage system sees the ports on the P421 and lists them for mapping LUNs to. The LUNs have been mapped yet the ESX host cannot see them.

Any thought or insights into this issue would be appreciated

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