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Direct LUN access for a VM to a EMC CX3-10c

Hello, I have performance iSCSI problems with a VM that is executed from a vmfs datastore on a EMC CX3-10c SAN, the VM has 300G

and runs a "Alfresco" content management sysem over a ESX 4 (Power Edge 2950 with 2 QuadCore)

For try to get more performance ... I am going to buy a QLogic Fibre Channel HBA and plug it on the ESX 4.0 server where is execued the

VM, and create a new VM of 10G locate on the local ESX disks (15Krpm SAS) that would have direct lun access to the EMC CX3-10c where would be

the entire "repository/data" (more than 250G) of information ....

Can I plug the QLogic HBA on the ESX 4.0 and get direct access to the EMC CX3-10c from the VM????

This new LUN is not a VMFS LUN for store VM .... the new 10G linux VM will mount the LUN and format it with EXT3 filesystem .... may ESX see this datastore too?

Any help would be very apreciated.

Thansk a lot


Francisco Javier Morales López de Gamarra

Vmware VCP | LPI - CCNA

Francisco Morales López de Gamarra Vmware VCP | LPI - CCNA
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Hi Francisco,

Once the HBA installed, create a new LUN and present it to the ESX. Then, attach this LUN to the VM using Raw Device Mapping.

The entire LUN will then be dedicated to the VM. The host will not be aware of its content and won't be able to access it.



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