Dell XPS 8500 with Realtek 8168 Network Adapter

Hello All,

I been trying to install ESXi 5.1U on my Dell XPS 8500 with Realtek 8168 Network Adapter, Installation was a breeze and it installed fine. However, after rebooting, the system does not obtain an IP from DHCP. I've gone through assigning a static IP as well, but when I type that IP in a browser I cannot connect to the ESXi. I've searched online and seen mixed results. Some people say it's working and some say it's not working, the Realtek 8168 of course.

Has anybody in here had success with this (built-in) adapter? If so, did you face any issue and how did you solve it?

Or can you simply tell me if it works?

My computer has 3 x PCI Express X1 slots available, is there any good (compatible with ESXi) network cards available for them?


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