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Dell PowerEdge R650xs ESXI

Good Day,

i have a Dell PowerEdge R650xs specs below.

HDD: 12Gb SAS Drives 10Tb Raid 5

RAM: 256GB

CPU: 40 CPUs x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4316 CPU @ 2.30GHz


i have installed esxi and runnign about 3 vm's i notice on our one VM we are gettting issues with Read & write speeds maxing out at 13.9 KB about 25 Mbps on read & Write speeds when i chek on Ubuntu server. 


is there a way i can increase this on ESXI or where should this be increased, when i looks the speeds is up to 350Mbps on SAS drives

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You should provide a little more detail, like exactly what version (and build) of the ESXi product, and a little bit of everything else, a RAID 5 array built around what, and maybe how you set up the RAID controller. Otherwise, of course in my opinion, it is a little difficult to be able to give you some suggestions with full knowledge of the facts.

I'm assuming a typo and that your values ​​aren't really measurable in terms of Megabits/sec. 😁


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