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Deleted vmx and vmdk file, restored from a Veeam backup - VM seem fine

I deleted by error the vmx and vmdk file while the VM was still operating. So the flat where still there.

The last good backup dated 8 days ago and did a restore on those two files and copied them in the VM folder.
Just after the copie, the VM shut itself down and rebooted without any problem and no problem arised yet.

So my question is : what are the implication of doing it this way vs the recreate vmx that you find on the Internet.

My IT consultant said that I took a gamble and it was risky that way.

What your take on that? 


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I don't see much risk in doing what you've done.
The only real risk would be with a VM that has active snapshots, and the restored configuration files point to the base disk rather then to the snapshot, which could lead to data corruption, or loss.