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I have two esxi servers and 1 physical vcenter. Each esxi server has 6 nics in use. One of our requirements is to separate vmotion from fault tolerant traffic in addition to management traffic.

So we have 3 production LANs which are on different subnets in addition to 1 vmotion, 1 fault tolerant, and 1 management vmkernel.

Lets say my vmoiton vmkernel ip is 172.x.61.10. What do I set my default vmkernel gateway to? Do I set it to the ESXI host ip? Do I set it to the network switch? Reason I ask is when setting up fault tolerant on one of our VMs, the summary tab shows " No isolation address is set", which we solve by using the das.isolationaddress0 in the advanced settings in vsphere HA.

Just not sure what IP to give the vmkernel default gateways for the vmkernel ports.

Any help wouild be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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By default, HA uses the default gateway of the management network, and since you don't need routing for the vMotion and FT networks, don't configure default gateway for these networks.


Richardson Porto
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go through the linked community article.

static routes are to be added only if necessary.

and as mentioned earlier in the thread vmkernel they are not needed for vMotion, FT.

Adding Static route on ESXi 5.5!

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