Datastores gone after adding new physical disks

I have a VmWare ESXi version 6.7 host that I access via the web. It had 4 virtual machines running on it. There were also 2 datastores in which the first one was for operating systems and the second for machine data. The first datastore had 1 TB and the second 4 TB. I physically added 2 more 2TB disks (4TB in total) to be able to expand datastore 1 or create a third datastore. I turned off the host and added the 2 disks, when I turned on the datastore 2 no longer appeared and I can't even use the disks I added to create a new datastore. After restarting again all datastores disappeared but in devices all HDs appear and in the shell the data appears. The virtual machines have all been renamed and are invalid. I would like some help.

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I think that when adding the new disks, some error occurred in the disk controller (it could be because of the firmware of the new disks).
You could try:
Turn off the computer
remove the new disks
Restart the computer and see if it applies the previous configuration or if it indicates some message about the configuration such as recovering configuration from the disks.
At this point you can try two scenarios:
A.  Automatically recover the configuration from the controller and you can have access to the disks.
B. That the controller allows to recover the configuration from the disks and after that the disks can be accessed normally.

If when starting the server it does not recover the configuration automatically or it detects a previous configuration and allows its load. You must restart the server and enter the controller administration to see if the configuration of the disks can be recovered.

These types of problems rarely occur, and are mostly due to low firmware levels in both the controller and the disks.



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Issues like this sometimes happen, if volumes are enumerated differently after adding new disks.

Please take a look at the "Command line" section in https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1011387 to find out whether the datastores have been detected as "snapshots". If so, you should be able to re-mount the volumes using the mount commands in the KB article.



Thank you for taking the time to respond, this tip from 1011387 solved my problem.

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