Datastore missing extents

We have an R730 standalone ESX host on 6.0 that the controller started dropping disks. We took the drives out and put them into an R510 with an H710 controller which was different but were able to import the volume. We booted off the original USB disks into esx which boot fine but the volume doesnt mount due to missing extents: 12

This is a single 4 drive RAID-5 partition of 5TB in size. I dont believe it was ever expanded ,and if so it definitely didnt have 12 extents

If I goto add storage it wasnt available, I unmounted the volume and re-mounted it and now I can add it but only by wiping the signature. If I login to the web gui I can see the VMFS volume. 

[root@localhost:~] esxcli storage vmfs snapshot list
Volume Name: Local-5TB
VMFS UUID: 5f418829-07da3893-b8ce-90b11c44bdaa
Can mount: false
Reason for un-mountability: some extents missing
Can resignature: false
Reason for non-resignaturability: some extents missing
Unresolved Extent Count: 12

Any solution? we were setting up something new and its been going on for about 10 weeks, we were just going to go live this week, so last week we added it to the backup which never completed because the raid started to act up. Would be nice to not have to rebuild this if possible.

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