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Datastore lost after deactivate native driver lsi-mr3 over ESXI 6.5

Hello community

I need help because after deactivate native driver lsi-mr3  on VMWare server 6.5 the datastore lost, i was deativated for recomendation in order to update this driver but after deactivate native driver i can't doing update because the datastore lost to load the new driver

Somebody know how i can recovery the datastore?

I was trying to activate native driver again but is not recognized by the system, i´m used this guide to deativate and after error try to activate again whit the same guide 


I hope somebody helpme because i have two virtual machine in this server and i need to recover this services

Thanks in advance


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Hi - you seem to have a "one host - one local disk" setup with just 2 VMs.
In such a case the most straight forward approach is to get a USB-boot-stick and then re-install the version that you used before you started to experiment with drivers.
The only thing you have to care about when doing that is to make sure you select the USB-stick when the installer asks you where you want to install the new system. Also make sure that you select "keep existing datastores"

Should take about 15 minutes. After  installation you reboot and then the original datastore will most likely be automatically mounted.
In case the datastore really was damaged - and can not be mounted - we will give you commands to find out more later.

For now I think a new install to USB-stick is all you need.


Do you need support with a VMFS recovery problem ? - send a message via skype "sanbarrow"
I do not support Workstation 16 at this time ...

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