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DL380G9 10-Gb-533FLR-T iscsi Esxi6 iscsi tcp offload aka hardware dependend iscsi


I have installed a new dl380Gen9 with a  HP FlexFabric 10GB 533FLR-T Adapter onboard.
I Used the HP Customized ESXi Build and updated the Server with the last SPP from Oktober.
After the sucessfully install i tryed to use the Hardware dependend iscsi. But i cant see the vmhba under storage in the vsphere client. There is only the SATA controller and the Smartarry but no Brodcom.
I tryed to open a case at hp but i dont get no responde till jet.
I downloaded to be shure the newest firmware and also drivers from the hpe support page for the nic but if i try to upgrade or install im getting the notice that already have the latest driver installed.

I Read the article about iscsi Offlload


The Site 24 under VMware discripes how to configure but well i still cant see the vmhba.3x.

Has anyone the same problem or have any idea how to fix it?
I dont want use the software iscsi cause of the load witch we ar generating over the 10GB nic....



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I didn't configure this myself yet, but http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03923035.pdf might help (see also page 7 in the document you mentioned).



Hi André

Thank you very mutch for your answer.

I saw that document also. The little diffrenece is that you should do that on the dl380G9 on the HP Uefi. But i was also in the Brodcate Bios

Hm the funny part is that all the stuff witch i could configure there dosent help. I could not change the Personality of the Adpater from ETH to iscis.. wath ever. iscsi Boot is not what im looking for.

The other funny thing is that in the Document witch i Posted is the following Statement.

About NPAR configuration

Configure HP 10Gb 2-port 53x and 20Gb 2-port 63x Series Adapters with Switch Independent Partitioning,

also referred to as NPAR, to partition the adapter and allow up to eight Ethernet-enabled functions (four per

port). Partitioning also allows the following functions in operating systems where the specific CNA can be


• Four functions (two per port) that are iSCSI CNA enabled

• Two functions (one per port) that are FCoE CNA enabled, plus up to two functions (one per port) that are

iSCSI CNA-enable

If i understood that correct it dosent make any changes if the funktion is NPAR or the SWI.

Im relay hoping im getting a feedback from the HP customer support Soon XD

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Did you get this issue resolved? I'm facing the same issue.

533FLR-T adapter not showing under storage adapters.

ESXi 6.0 U2 march image used from HP.

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I had the problem: you need to configure the adapter at boot time.

  • Boot the machine into System Utilities
  • Select System Configuration
  • Select HP FlexFabrix 10Gb 1-port 533FLR-T Adapter  - CNA
  • Select Device Hardware Configuration Menu
  • Select Storage Personality
  • Select iSCSI, Enter
  • ESC and save

Repeat for all your adapters.

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