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DELL Quadport NIC on Dell Powerconnect 5524 does not work with tagged VLANs

Hi folks,

i installed frequently a ESXi 5 Update 1 cluster with an Poweredge 710 which have a Dell labled Quadport Intel NIC installed.

Management Network (VLAN 0) -> vSwitch0 -> vmnic0 (onboard port 1)

vMotion (VLAN 11) -> vSwitch0 -> vmnic4 (IntelQuadport NIC port 1)

Productive -> vSwitch2 -> vmnic3 (onboard port 4)

Clients -> vSwitch2 -> vmnic7 (IntelQuadport NIC port 4)

I have to map several network segments to that NIC ports but they do not accept any tagged VLANs, the onboard Broacom based ones does. I even switched the cables between the onboard ports and the Intel ones so it can't be a issue with the Switchsettings.

I tried both HCL certified igb drivers - they show the same issue. The firmware of the NIC is 1.5.1 and i didnt found an update

Anyone use the same or similar combination ?

ESX5U1 - Dell Intel Quadport PCIe Card - Powerconnect - vSwitch tagged VLANs ?

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