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Create vLan between two esxi on public network

Hi masters,

I have two Esxi 6.0 hosts on an hosting provider, connected on a public IP.

So I want to create a private network between them without using other network devices, only Esxi host and his VM.

Each VM must contact each other also on different hosts.

So I want something linke a vLAN without a phisical switch.

On XenServer it's called cross server private network.

I want this:

Esxi between hosts.png

It's possible to do it on Esxi?

Thank you.

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I would say no, without any other network devices.

BUT, I have something similar. And I solve it with mikrotik CHR (cloud hosted router). These CHR are VM's running on each host. and on these CHR1 and CHR2 have public IP's . then you can create VPN + L2 bridge (red line)  (as from your picture you want to have same subnet in both ESXi) beween these two CHR1 and CHR2.

OR you can use instead of CHR routers NSX components. but count with high price and you need much more RAM. My recommendation will be at least to have different subnets for VM's in each location. because then you can solve default GW problem. On which host will be def. GW? on ESX1 so then all traffic from VM4,VM5,VM6 needs to go first to ESX1 and then out.


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