Copy From USB

I'm looking for a way to be able copy files from USB to ESXi 7.0 (Update 2) datastore.


I have a very bad network and uploading large ISO files from PC to datastore is impossible.


i have the USB in NFTS, and i disabled usbarbitrator process so that ESXi can see the USB stick, which is now visible as:


mpx.vmhba33:C0:T0:L0 vml.010000000030333734393139303330303036333038466c61736820

mpx.vmhba33:C0:T0:L0:1 vml.010000000030333734393139303330303036333038466c61736820:1


But when i copy using "ntfscat":


# ntfscat -f /dev/disks/mpx.vmhba33:C0:T0:L0:1 ::/Untitled.png > /vmfs/volumes/60e9a836-e1048f1e-fffd-1c697aa375cf/xnxx/Untitled.png


the file is 0 bytes 


I'm not sure why this happens..


I'm open to any other suggestions that would make me capable of doing straightforward copy/paste of ISO files from windows machine to usb stick and then simply putting the stick in the ESXi and copy them to the datastore 


Side notes:


1) Having the USB stick formatted as VMFS wont help since i wont be able to copy/paste to it from windows machine (there's some windows tools that are said to make this possible but in reality they doesnt work, or its me who couldnt get them to work).


2) Formatting the USB stick in FAT and then using ESXi "mcopy" tool didnt work either (result below):


[root@localhost:~] mcopy -i /dev/disks/mpx.vmhba33:C0:T0:L0:1 ::/Untitled.png /vmfs/volumes/60e9a836-e1048f1e-fffd-1c697aa375cf/xnxx/Untitled.png

init :: non DOS media

Cannot initialize '::'

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