Connecting a LTO-4 library to an ESX host with FC

Hello, I'm in process to deploy a special configuration with the follow components:

  • 1 x LTO-4 library with two Ultrium-4 drives.
  • 1 x ESX 4.1 U2 host.
  • 1 x FC switch between LTO-4 and ESX host.

These components are connected witch Fibre channel.

After the respective re-escans and refresh on ESX host we only see the two drives but not LTO-4 library.

However I can see a DEATH path that I suspected it may be the LTO-4 library.

Has anyone encountered this problem and how can I fix it? 🙂

thank you in advance and best regards!

Xavier Colomé Abril. VMware Certified Professional VCP3, VCP4 and VCP5. [Si encuentras que esta o cualquier otra respuesta ha sido de utilidad, vótalas. Gracias.] [If you find this or any other information helpful or correct, please consider awarding points. Thank you.]
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