Configure ESXi 5.5 Host to listen on port 1500 instead of the default port 443


This might be an odd question. I have a test environment where i would like to setup a ESXi host. The network where the ESXi host is placed is a closed network and not managed by me.

I am limited to very few ports to reach this network from my workstation, so i need to make some changes to the ESXi host configuration, for it to work.

For example, normal HTTP and HTTPS ports are not open, so I cannot connect to my host with the default configuration.

Can any one of you help me to sole this?

I have tried to follow this: VMware KB: Changing the port used by the vSphere Client to connect directly to the ESX/ESXi host

But without any luck. Maybe I'm not doing it correctly.

What i have done is:

From the ESXi Host command shell i have navigated to the proxy.xml file located here: /etc/vmware/hostd/

Then I use vi to edit the file, and inserting the two lines:


Right under the <ConfigRoot> tag.

Then I write the file out as proxy.xml

And I have verified that the changes are saved.

Now I use the Restart Management Agents from the menu on the ESXi host.

But when i run: esxcli network ip connection list from the shell i still see port 443 and port 80 listed. And no port 1500 at all.

Also i have tried locating the config.xml file located in /etc/vmware/rhttpproxy folder and changing the HTTP and HTTPS ports in this file to 1501 and 1500 and then run the etc/init.d/rhttpproxy restart command

But still no joy

Am i going about this all wrong? Or is it simply not possible to achieve what i need?

Hope that one of you will be able to assist me in this. Its driving me crazy that I'm not able to decide what ports to use on my own.

If one of you have a solution, please be specific in your answer, as this is not my expert area of expertise.

Thank you in advance.

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Follow this article.

Changing the port used by SSH on an ESXi 5.0 host (2011818)


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Thank you for your answer. And sorry for the long reply.

Tho its not the SSH port I'm looking to change. I guess i could change the the HTTPS port the same way? Or am i wrong about this?

To try and be more specific, I'm looking for at way to connect to my host from the vSphere Client using port 1500 instead of 443.

Will i be able to solve that with the article your are referring to?


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