Combination of 10gbit and 1gbit ports


We have a number of IBM serves with 10 1gbit ports (2x quad NIC's and the 2 onboard LOM's) 8 of which are actaully in use.

We are about to introduce 10gbit networking to  these host via a pair of single port 10gbit NIC's (can't remember the brand off the top of my head, but its IBM's official 10Gbit NIC, whatever that may be)

i was concerned this morning when i reviewed the vSphere 5.1 configuration maximums and found the statement listed in the screenshot

10gbit and 1gbit.PNG

We'll have 2 10gbit and 8 active 1gbit ports.  The 10gbit NIC's are being installed specifucally to support an ethernet storage network (its currently over FC) but over time we may well move vmkernal/vmotion traffic over the 10gbit, so will reduce our need for 1gbit.  Initially though we need to run as we are.

Do we have a problem ?

Thanks !

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Two months back I wanted to know if 6x 1Gbit ports (1 quad and 1 dual) combined with 4x 10Gbit ports (2x dual) would be a supported configuration.. I, as you, also had doubt when reading the config max doc..

I made a SR asking this question... The answer to this was: "Yes, you config will be fully supported by VMware"

Maybe you too should file a SR with this question.... Just to have something in writing for the future.


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