Clustered Print Solution - Server 2012

Hello All,

This is most likely the wrong area to post this question in, but I don't think any category was going to work anyway.

I need to build a highly available print server solution which spans two datacentres 30km (roughly 15 miles) apart. The preference is to use Server 2012.

Has anyone got any information or links on how this can be accomplished?

Options I've thought of;

1) Protect the print server using SRM. Possible but not preferred as this would require manual intervention for the server to fail over and the print queues being used service medical devices that may have time critical sensitivity attached.

2) Use third party software. We are deploying a managed print solution for the vast majority of the environment, but these medical systems are not always going to be on the domain and may not integrate properly with the third party software. I do know that most of them do work with standard Microsoft Print Server in 2008 R2.

3) Deploy brand new 2008 R2 servers and create a MSCS solution. This is not a good option but I might have to do it this way.

It is because these these are critical that I really want the solution to be high available (in the sense that the application always functions, not that the server will perform a restart) across two sites, so even if I lose one of my datacentres the solution will still run. Most of my infrastructure has been built to this specification.

So once again what I'm hoping to do is built a print cluster on server 2012 with the same functionality and resiliency that can be achieved in server 2008 R2.



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