Cisco Nexus "Edit Settings " greyed out menu

Hello all.

I tried to install Cisco Nexus 1000v on the val environnement and I block with the "Edit Settings " greyed out menu

I have followed a number of tracks, but nothing changes.

more infos:

Nexus1000v-1# sh svs connections

connection MYVCENTER:

    ip address:

    remote port: 80

    protocol: vmware-vim https

    certificate: default

    datacenter name: TEST_DC


    max-ports: 12000

    DVS uuid: 9a 58 0e 50 f8 81 c6 34-cf 2d c6 c0 a1 0c a7 3b

    config status: Enabled

    operational status: Connected

    sync status: Complete

    version: VMware vCenter Server 5.5.0 build-2646482

    vc-uuid: 719D831F-E414-4F31-90CE-7965734E87FA

    ssl-cert: self-signed or not authenticated

My vlans:

vlan 1,4-9,11,70,100,666,999

port-channel load-balance ethernet source-mac

port-profile default max-ports 32

port-profile type ethernet Unused_Or_Quarantine_Uplink


  description Port-group created for Nexus 1000V internal usage. Do not use.

  vmware port-group

port-profile type vethernet Unused_Or_Quarantine_Veth


  description Port-group created for Nexus 1000V internal usage. Do not use.

  state enabled

  vmware port-group

port-profile type vethernet NX_vServers

  switchport access vlan 100

  switchport mode access

  no shutdown

  max-ports 40

  state enabled

  vmware port-group

port-profile type ethernet system-uplink

  switchport mode trunk

  switchport trunk allowed vlan 4-11,70,100

  no shutdown

  system vlan 4-11,70,100

  state enabled

  vmware port-group


  domain id 6

  control vlan 1

  packet vlan 1

  svs mode L3 interface mgmt0

  switch-guid 39b04781-932e-4c16-9de9-9ce718b39062

  enable l3sec

There is this point that I do not understand:

Nexus1000v-1(config-port-prof)# system vlan 4-11,70,100

ERROR: Some of the input vlans are not active.

All system vlans should be in the active state

The version on ESXi 5.1 seems to be the right one:

esxcli software vib list

Name                           Version                               Vendor  Acceptance Level  Install Date

-----------------------------  ------------------------------------  ------  ----------------  ------------

cisco-vem-v198-esx                     Cisco   PartnerSupported  2016-11-24

~ # vemcmd show port

  LTL   VSM Port  Admin Link  State    Cause  PC-LTL  SGID  ORG  svcpath  Type    Vem Port

   20     Eth1/3     UP   UP    F/B*       -       0          0        0                vmnic2

* F/B: Port is BLOCKED on some of the vlans.

       One or more vlans are either not created or

       not in the list of allowed vlans for this port.

Please run "vemcmd show port vlans" to see the details.

Thank you for your help.

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