Cisco Nexus 5000 etherchannel with esxi 6 standard vswitch

Thanks for your help first.

I've 2 Cisco nexus 5000 and formed VPC in between. I've question about VPC setting for esxi 6 standard vswitch.

I would like to make the esxi 6 host with 2 10Gb interface connect to both nexus 5000 switch, with both active link on vswitch

May I verify the configuration on nexus 5000 switch:

- esxi vswitch, use ip hash, failback: no

- Both nexus 5000 with 10Gb interface, I create a etherchannel 226 on each nexus 5000 switch

- I use "mode on" on the interface config

I'm not familiar nexus 5000 VPC setting.

My question is

- should I need  set the vpc number on the etherchannel interface?

- or I need set the vpc number on both etherchannel and port interface on both nexus nexus 5000 switch

Sample nexus config:

interface port-channel226

  description ESX107 Console & Vmotion Trunk

  switchport mode trunk

interface Ethernet1/1

  description ESX11-5/1 Backup Console, vmotion, FT link

  switchport mode trunk

  spanning-tree port type edge trunk

  channel-group 226 mode on

Thanks again.


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LACP is not supported in VMware standard switch,just configure as normal trunk port and configure route based on virtual port ID. if you want to use LACP then go for distributed switch.

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