Choosing the best storage controller for my situation


I'm building my own whitebox ESXi 6.5u1 server.

Some detalis :

* Boot from USB thumbdrive

* All VM's are server 2016
* Server 2016 system disk VMDK is stored on a SSD disk* Server 2016 data disk VMDK is stored on a 24Tb array

My current array controller is a adaptec 51245

With this controller i'm nog able to monitor the health of my array. Because i'm using my array for multiple VM's i cannot use passtrough to 1 VM.
Options to buy are the Adaptec 6805 and the Adaptec 6805T

I would like to monitor the health of my array from ESXi or vCenter.
Customizations to the array can be down from the ACU.

Is it possible to monitor the array with the Adaptec 6805 or Adaptec 6805T
Should i choose the Adaptec 6805 or Adaptec 6805T

Does anybody maybe have some screenshots what the monitor function will look like?

Thank you all

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

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In Web Client click on the ESXi host and go to Monitor > Hardware Status. From there you can see the health of all server's hardware components.

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