Changes to /etc/profile.local are not persistent but were once


First off  I should state that I am an linux/esx noob...

I'm running esxi 6.7.0 I am trying to keep a persistent list of aliases for the esx shell so I am using /etc/profile.local to store them.

The problem I am running into now is that I want to make further changes to the list I have already created but every time I reboot the new changes are lost.

I can edit the file and cat it to verify the changes are saved but after every reboot my changes are lost. Only my original 4 aliases remain in profile.local with no way to add/change them.

Ive also tried added changes to  /etc/rc.local.d/local.sh but the same thing happens on reboot.

After some searching I learned about  /sbin/auto-backup.sh and thinking that would help I also ran it but same issue.

There is a file called /etc/.#profile.local (which I did not create)   but the content of it is just some comments and not the content of my few aliases in /etc/profile.local

Can someone tell me why I was once able to persist changes to  /etc/profile.local but now cannot?


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I know this is ages later, but have you tried running "/sbin/auto-backup.sh" to make it permanent?


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