Capturing Traffics among Virtual Machines!

Configuring Passthrough is quite tough process so far. We are dealing with IPS(Intrusion Prevention Services) and IDS(Intrusion Detection Services). The reason I have been actually trying configuring Passthrough is capturing traffics among Virtual Machines for IPS. well, is there any other method to do it? If so, Necessity for VMDirectPath will be decreased. Please help me. :$



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if your IPS was a VM you could connect it to a promiscuous port on the vSwitch your VM's are connected to ?

check with your IPS vendor to see if they have a suitable virtual appliance.


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VMware Employee

To capture virtual switch traffic you must modify the default security settings.

To monitor traffic, the port group Promiscuous Mode parameter must be set to Accept through the vSphere Client.

For a virtual machine, attach the virtual NIC to the switch or port group to monitor.

you IPS vm should configure the virtual NIC for promiscuous mode operation.

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