Cannot ping ESXi 6U1b host after reboot - VLAN ID issue??

Hello - I am in the process of building a new home lab with vSphere 6 Update 1b.  I have my L3 Cisco switches connected switch-port set as a trunk port to allow tagged packets and I have defined the VLAN ID on the host for the management network.  Everything works and communicated just fine, I am able to ping, able to connect to the host via the C# client, etc.  Now, the issue that I am facing is if/when I reboot the host.  When the host comes back up, I am unable to connect or ping the host.  I have to connect to the console and edit the management network, remove the VLAN ID, save & restart network, then add the VLAN ID & restart.  After doing this...the host resumes its response to ping requests and I am then able to reconnect with the C# client.  Can someone please assist?  Host is vanilla, just built, without any VMs running on it yet.

*EDIT* - I managed to resolve my issue by reconfiguring my L3 switch, instead placing it back into L2 mode and configuring the switchports as access ports with "untagged" packets instead of trunk ports, then removing the VLAN ID entirely from the vSwitch.  I realized that since I am only using 1GB NICs and only passing a single VLAN through each NIC team, trunk ports and tagged packets were not needed as the L2 switch would pass the traffic to the proper "access" port after it has been associated with the correct VLAN.  If I ever plan on replacing my NICs with 10GB NICs, I will then revert back to using trunk ports with VLAN IDs ("tags").

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