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Cannot connect datastore ISO to CD on w2k8r2 that hosts mapped NFS datastore

We are unable to connect any ISO image to a windows 2008 R2 server VM that hosts the same NFS datastore to which the ESX 4 host it runs on is connected to - let me elaborate further:

We have an MSA2012i which has the luns to where the ESX servers connect to and boot from through qlogic iscsi adapters on diskless BL490c. The MSA also has luns for the shared storage (2x2TB volumes). The w2k8r2 server vm is hosted an esx machine and has assigned a 500GB secondary virtual disk from the MSA datastore. On this vdisk we created an NFS share with our ISOs - so the share is shared by the 2k8r2 VM (via NFS and SMB for windows clients to access). When we attempt to connect any iso from this NFS share through the vsphere client, the 2k8r2 machine freezes for about a minute and after the operation is reported "complete" it unfreezes but the ISO/CD is not connected. All other machines can connect these ISOs fine (also other 2k8R2 and other clients).

It looks like the vm (2k8r2) that hosts the NFS share, that contains data on a vmfs disk residing on the same (shared) datastore of the host ESX machine(s) cannot connect it's CD to it (I hope this is clear enough).

Now VMs should be all perfectly isolated from each other and their hosts so this should not be a problem. Has anybody had any similar issues in the passed or have any insight on the matter?

Thanks for any feedback.

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