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Can't write partition table for Storage VMWare ESXi 8.0


I'm using a Quantum DXi 6900 with 1 RBODs Array Module and 2 EBODs modules. ESXi 8.0 is installed on the server with a Raid 10 internal volume that works correctly.

i can see all disk of all modules but can't use them for storage or create a VM because he always told me that it can't clear disk


How can i bypass that, i think that's because those disk are not empty and use an unknown partition table for ESXi, i can't delete data or partition table by BIOS so is there a way to do it with ESXi (SSH or stuff like that?).

Another weird thing is that the total capacity doesn't fit with real size, i have 2 EBODs and RBODs each 12x4To but it show me something like 16 disks of 16To, that's pretty strange.


In last test i've tried to boot on live Rescatux USB flash media, i can see all drivers with GParted but i can't either write partitions table that told me everytime "error fsyncing/closing/dev/sda: input/output error" and this for all drive except the RAID volume that contains ESXi 8.0


Again that's something strange because the total size doesn't fit to the total size of all modules disk, it should show 36 disks of 4To not all those of 16To, maybe that's because i can't write table partition on them.

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance.

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