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Can't move hard drive (datastore) from one ESXi host to another...

Hi Folks,

I apologize if this is a newbie question for some folks here, but I am having trouble figuring out the best solution to my problem. I bought a couple new hard drives and plugged them into my two PE 2950 ESXi 5 hosts. They were both detected by the system and I was able to add them in as datastores into vCenter for each host. I have been using openfiler as a SAN solution and have hosted it on one of my ESXi servers. I decided to unmount and delete one of the datastores (new drive) on one host and move it to the other one with openfiler.

However, the new host can't recognize the drive in any bay and it doesn't show up when I view the drive info in the configuration utility. If I plug it back into the old ESXi host, it comes up and I can detect it if I want to try to add it as a datastore again. I figured that vCenter leaves the formatting information like a wrapper with the vmfs partition information on the drive and may be the reason why I can't move it to another host. I guess I was wondering if anyone can suggest the easiest way to zero out the drive (delete the vmfs partion) so that I can install it in a new ESXi host and use it as another fresh data store there. Any help would be greatly appreciated...



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