Can't Delete Corrupt Virtual Machine

One of our Virtual Machine's has become corrupt, I tried to remove it to restore it using VMware Data Recovery 1.0 appliance with unsuccessful results.  I have tried to remove it from command line with unsuccessful results as well.

The message that I get when I try to remove it from inventory in vcenter is:

"A general system error occurred:Invalid fault"

The VM won't turn on, I tried to remove it from the datastore manually and I can't do that either.

I tried to recover it by using VDR and restoring it as a different VM in a different datastore and have not been successful either.  I can recover other VMs but not this one.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Restart the management services on the host that the vm is on. In esxi5 type " restart".

You will momentarily lose access to the host. (other vms stay running)

That should free up the vm so that you can properly delete it from the vsphere client.


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follow what dan said, restart the management agents, either by or using the mangement agent reset in the console.

If that wont work then try a reboot of the host itself. vmotion off the other vms of course...

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