Can not power on a VM after re-registering.

There are 2 VM's I can not power them both.

What I did is, I unregistered them from inventory and then readded. But after that I can not power them oN.

1) VM 1

On one VM i get error - Unable to access the file <Unspecified filename> since it is locked.

Error Stack - Failed  to Power on VM

Could not Power on VM: Busy.

Failed to initialize swap file '/vmfs/volumes/eeaff472-a4518da9/VM-DIR path.vswp': Busy

2) VM2

Input/Output error

Error stack - Can not open the disk '/vmfs/volumes/eeaff472-a4518da9/VM-DIR path.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disk it depends on.

(the vmdk file it is reporting to is already present on the datastore)

Please help!!!

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