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CPU & Memory Hot-add still decreasing performance?

Is this still an issue? Trying to find any new information but only finding old posts about it. According to this KB vNUMA is disabled if VCPU hotplug is enabled (2040375) | VMware KB‌ you loosing vNUMA possibilites if CPU Hot-add is enabled but correct me if I'm wrong, vNUMA is most useful with 8 vCPU or more and therefor it shouldn't be any problem with smaller VMs. And I'm guessing thats why Racksapce and other hosters allowing hot-add up to X number of vCPU.

Found some info from Denneman, yellowbricks etc, but they from 2013 and back.

Does anyone have any newer information?, and is't a difference between Memory Hot-add vs, CPU Hot-add?


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