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[Bug] ESXi hostd crashing when calling ImportVApp via SOAP SDK

So whilst writing a script to automate deployment of OVAs to an vCenter and ESXi hosts using `pyvmomi` (Python bindings for the SOAP API), I discovered you can easily make hostd crash!


I have tested this fails on ESXi 6.5.0u3 through to ESXi 6.7.0u3


  1. Call ImportVApp with the Folder argument pointing to the ContentRoot (ha-root-folder).


SOAP API to return an "Invalid Folder fault" (or similar fault)


hostd explodes and restarts

Additional Info

The fault backtrace:

2020-10-09T16:49:23.556Z panic hostd[2627307] [Originator@6876 sub=Default opID=a35a85d1 user=root] -->--> Panic: NOT_IMPLEMENTED bora/vim/hostd/solo/inventoryInt.h:181 -->--> Backtrace: --> [backtrace begin] product: VMware ESX, version: 6.7.0, build: build-15160138, tag: hostd, cpu: x86_64, os: esx, buildType: release --> backtrace[00] libvmacore.so[0x00364E5C]: Vmacore::System::Stacktrace::CaptureFullWork(unsigned int) --> backtrace[01] libvmacore.so[0x001BC460]: Vmacore::System::SystemFactory::CreateBacktrace(Vmacore::Ref&) --> backtrace[02] libvmacore.so[0x00362168] --> backtrace[03] libvmacore.so[0x00362222]: Vmacore::PanicExit(char const*) --> backtrace[04] libvmacore.so[0x0018AA8C] --> backtrace[05] libvmacore.so[0x0018AB2A] --> backtrace[06] hostd[0x00663260] --> backtrace[07] hostd[0x00B62F59] --> backtrace[08] hostd[0x00B6A6CC] --> backtrace[09] hostd[0x00BACAB2] --> backtrace[10] hostd[0x00BACD68] --> backtrace[11] hostd[0x00CC6CE0] --> backtrace[12] hostd[0x00C26E36] --> backtrace[13] libvmacore.so[0x0028E5B5] --> backtrace[14] libvmacore.so[0x0028E993] --> backtrace[15] libvmacore.so[0x0036C4AB] --> backtrace[16] libpthread.so.0[0x00007D3B] --> backtrace[17] libc.so.6[0x000E9F7D] --> [backtrace end]
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