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Booting an ESXi 4.1 with update 2 disables vMotion :(

Just found out that after applying update 2 on my ESXi 4.1 hosts VMotion is disabled.

Apparently it is a "known issue" according to the release notes for update 2.

vMotion and Storage vMotion

  • vMotion is disabled after a reboot of  ESXi 4.1 host
    If you enable vMotion on an ESXi  host and reboot the ESXi  host, vMotion is no longer enabled after the reboot   process  is completed.

    Workaround: To resolve the issue, reinstall the latest version of ESXi image provided by   your system vendor.


I am thinking this could cause serious problems for anyone using Distributed Power Management.

I do not think the workaround is a good solution. We need a fix VMware!

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