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Boot optioned called "VMWare ESXi" in boot order after update to 7U3

Hey all,

I am just rolling out ESXi 7 for a few hosts on 6.7 and notices something I haven't seen before. 

Before the upgrade to 7, the local disk RAID is at the top of the boot order in iLO (didn't check the BIOS but I'm sure it is the same). 

There is a new option called "VMWare ESXi" and it is at the top after the upgrade to 7U3.

I thought maybe I didn't see that option before so I made the local disk the top item in the boot order and as soon as the server reboots, it reverts back to "VMWare ESXi" being at the top of the order again.

The server seems to be booting fine but I thought maybe I loaded the new updated profile to a SD/USB that I didn't see but the server does not have any flash drives on it and when I check the bootbank, it still shows that it boots to the local disk.

Is this normal for ESXi 7 to create this new partition (?) for UEFI boot? Do I leave it alone or should I force the local disk to be the top boot option?



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