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Best Practice Question Setup redudnat management port


I have a design question regarding managment networks.  Is it possible to setup 2 differnt management networks on an ESXi host with 2 differnt managment port groups, on two different physical switches? 

Say a default managemnet network on vSwitch0, using a port group named management network with a VLAN of 10 and and ip addres of 192.168.10.x, using pnics vmnic1 vmnic2

Then setup another managment network on dvSwitch1 using a port group management secondary network with a VLAN of 20 and an ip address of 192.168.20.s using pnics vmnic3 active and vmnic4 standby

Also have a port group vMotion on dvSwitch1 with a VLAN of 30 and an ip address of 192.168.30.x using pnics vmnic3 standby and vmnic4 as active?

Would the host be able to keep track of the traffic going over both manaement networks?  Would there be any performance or redudnacy benifit to this?  I know that a 2 nic svSwitch at one point was considered a redudnant management port, but have things changed to where best pracitce is to now have 2 managment networks?


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