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Backuing up ESX 4 VM's using Acronis Backup and Recovery 10

I am currently testing VMsphere with Acronis Backup and Recovery virtual edition. Here's a little info on my setup. I have two esx 4 hosts that are clustered using a dell md3000i for shared storage. We are trying to backup the VM's using Acronis and saving the Acronis backup TIB files to the local storage on the esx box. Currently the only method we can get to work is by using SFTP. This method is painfully slow. A 30 gig Vm backed up to the lcoal storage takes 45 minutes. Local storage is formatted for raid 5 using 6 x 300 gig 15K SAS drives. Does anyone know of a method to share the ESX local storage so that I can access it via UNC. I know that I can use SCP but that is not a method that is allowed in Acronis. Is there a way to mount the storage so that I can access it from a windows box?

Thanks for any assistance.

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