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Backing up ESXi host configuration data

Hi ,

Can some one help me on ESXi host configuration data backup, below link provide the process but i need some details what all things it will backup, can we take backup from one server on same hardware and restore on rest of them for quick restoration.

link : How to back up ESXi host configuration (2042141) | VMware KB

Thank you in advance.

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I use this method and it works very well.

How To Backup & Restore Free ESXi Host Configuration

Posted on 02/15/2013 by William Lam

ESXi host configurations can easily be backed up and restored using either the vCLI's vicfg-cfgbackup or PowerCLI's Get-VMHostFirmware cmdlet. These commands along with others that perform "write" operations are only supported when you have a (paid) licensed version of ESXi. If you are using free ESXi, the remote commands are only available for "read-only" operations. For more details, please refer to this article here.

Note: In my personal opinion, it is much quicker and more efficient to re-install ESXi and apply your configurations using either a scripted deployment such as kickstart or a combination along with post configuration scripts. Re-installs become extremely trivial when you centralize your ESXi host configurations, even for small setups.

Having said that, if you are running free ESXi in a small shop or in a home lab and wish to backup your ESXi host configurations, you can still do so by leveraging a neat little tool called vim-cmd found within the ESXi Shell. There is a section under hostsvc/firmware which manages the ESXi host configuration which also uses the same vSphere APIs that both vicfg-cfgbackup & Get-VMHostFirmeware command uses.

Under this section of vim-cmd, there are four commands:

1.   backup_config  

2.   reset_config   

3.   restore_config 

4.   sync_config

Prior to actually backing up your ESXi host configuration, run the following command which will flush the ESXi configuration changes:

vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/sync_config

To backup the ESXi host configurations, run the following command which will generate a file that will be automatically stored in /scratch/downloads and can also be downloaded from a web browser using the URL shown from the output:

vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/backup_config

Before restoring your ESXi host configurations, you will need to ensure the file is renamed to configBundle.tgz and stored under /tmp directory. You will also need to ensure the ESXi host is placed in maintenance mode by running the following command:

vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter

To restore the ESXi host configurations, run the following command and specify the backup configuration file which should reside in /tmp/configBundle.tgz:

vim-cmd hostsvc/firmware/restore_config /tmp/configBundle.tgz

Note: Upon completing the restore, it will automatically reboot your ESXi host.

Here is a screenshot using the above commands to backup and then restore ESXi host:

Good luck.

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Thank you for the information, can we take backup from one esxi server and restore on other esxi server for quick restore and change IPs and use them ?

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