Automating ESXi 5.5 Installation


I am trying to push my kickstart server to the next level and to perform a real zero touch installation

so far so good but i came across couple of tasks that i haven't find a proper way to perform

1) configure esxi swap datastore

2) join esxi to domain

3) join esxi to distributed switch

since its kickstart installation i guess it should be only command line , perl scripts, or python

any ideas?

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This post will help you.

Completely Automated ESXi Deployment - Michael Lustfield

add required commands in kickstart file in %firstboot section.

1. esxcli command to add swap datastore

VMware vSphere 5.1

2. Join ESXi to AD -

/usr/lib/vmware/likewise/bin/domainjoin-cli join administrator [PASSWORD]

Easily automate ESXi 6.0 Active Directory join using domainjoin-cli | virtuallyGhetto

3. Join ESXi to vCenter using python script

How to automatically add ESX(i) host to vCenter in Kickstart | virtuallyGhetto

4. Add ESXi to dvSwitch.

vmware_dvs_host - Add or remove a host from distributed virtual switch — Ansible Documentation

I didn't find a python script but seems there is python ansible module for adding host in dvSwitch. Try to grab script from there. or ask lamw

Good Luck Smiley Happy

Personally I like PowerCLI script to do all post ESXi installation tasks.



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domainjoin-cli works only on esxi 6

swap configuration works fine thank you

dvs command line is kind of annoying since it makes you check for available unused port for the esxi

so i am checking your ansible idea will let you know how it works

best regards


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