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Automate vSphere Performance tab save CSV and PNG


We want to automate the process to generate the performance data export of disks per host (the realtime data) to CSV and save the corresponding PNG or JPG.

So, these options:

44134_44134.jpg2014-10-03 10_48_52-PerfCount_Customize.jpg

which create this view:

44133_44133.jpg2014-10-03 10_47_11-PerfCountChart.jpg

Then using the option "Export", save the chart as PNG and the corresponding data to CSV.

This gives me 2 files: a .CSV file and a .PNG file.

I've tried and customized several PowerCli scripts, but am not able to get me the same data as manually generated in vSphere WebClient or vSphere Client. Generating these files several times a day for 25+ hosts is not what I had in mind... :smileyshocked:

Is there a way to create a task for this? Or THE script which does exactly this? So I can schedule this...

Thanks in advance.


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