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Assign Public IP's to VM's on ESXi

Hi all,

Am new to this ESXi.

I was asked to install ESXi and create 4 VM's on HP server with 2 physical nic's.

I installed the ESXi and VM's.

I configured one physical NIC with private IP address. (Still i have the 2nd physical nic is free for me)

Now the requirement is all the VM's should have Public IP's.

I dont have a firewall or  a router to use NAT & PAT.

At present all my VM's will be accessable from my private network.

Can you guys help me in assigning public IP's to the VM's (Note: All the VM's have a webserver that needs to be accessed from Internet).

A step by step woule be greatly appreciable..


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Well, your "design" it is not the safest one I have seen Smiley Wink.

  1. Create new portgroup (lets call it PUBLIC) on new vSwitch with second vmnic attached to it.
  2. add new vNIC to VM and connect it to newly created portgroup PUBLIC
  3. assign external IP address to second NIC on guest OS
  4. DONE
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