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Any way to repair a directory on a vmfs volume?

When I ssh in to my ESXi host and go to /vmfs/volumes/<volume name>, I can see directories for most of my virtual machines.  And I can drill into those directories and see the vmdk and other usual content, except in a couple important cases.  In those important cases, the directory shows with reasonable perms, time stamp, and size, but listing its content shows nothing.  I got here because I was not able to see the virtual machine in vSphere.  And this isn't super-surprising because the VM was running at the time we took a power hit.  But most of the storage is OK and most of the VMs seem OK.   vmkfstools seems only to work at the device level and not on a particular volume directory.  voma craps out on the device because it says I have spanned extents.  No fsck seems to exist on the host.   Anything to try other than going to the SAN backing store and working on it directly (which is mostly a mystery to me and someone else already ran into a dead end there).

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