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Another task is already in progress


I have ESXI 7.0.2 we want to delete a snapshot and waited for 10 hours and the task I believe is hanging . When I carry out again the delete snapshot it is saying " Another task is already in progress" ,

I search around to get ideas , I am afraid to reboot the ESXI box  maybe the host won't come online

Here are information I gathered and no idea what to do next


[root@Esxi100:/vmfs/volumes/5e454ca9-d5b696be-53f0-20040ffab056/IBM QRadar Console] vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms
Vmid Name File Guest OS Version Annotation
7 IBM QRadar Console [10.100 Data store] IBM QRadar Console/IBM QRadar Console.vmx rhel7_64Guest vmx-14 IBM QRadar All-In-One Console

IP Address:
Hostname: qradar.shlsa.com


[root@Esxi100:/vmfs/volumes/5e454ca9-d5b696be-53f0-20040ffab056/IBM QRadar Console] vim-cmd vmsvc/get.tasklist 7
(ManagedObjectReference) [


[root@Esxi100:/vmfs/volumes/5e454ca9-d5b696be-53f0-20040ffab056/IBM QRadar Console] vim-cmd vimsvc/task_info 'vim.Task:haTask-7-vim.VirtualMachine.removeAllSnapshots-
(vmodl.fault.ManagedObjectNotFound) {
faultCause = (vmodl.MethodFault) null,
faultMessage = <unset>,
obj = 'vim.Task:vim.Task:haTask-7-vim.VirtualMachine.removeAllSnapshots-3610494794'
msg = "Received SOAP response fault from [<cs p:00000082ecc6a5f0, TCP:localhost:8307>]: GetInfo
The object 'vim.Task:vim.Task:haTask-7-vim.VirtualMachine.removeAllSnapshots-3610494794' has already been deleted or has not been completely created"

What should I do next , is it safe to reboot the ESXI , would my host come online..

Please help and thank you in advance.

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