Alternate Video Drivers?

Hello. Some but not all of our users are experiencing screen flickering issues in remote desktop sessions. I'd like to try a different or updated video driver if possible. Are there alternative drivers available for our configuration?

ESXi 6.0.0 3620759

VMware Tools 10.0.6 build 3560309

Windows Server 2008 R2

Microsoft Remote Desktop connections

Windows 7 64 bit clients

VMWare SVGA 3D driver installed

128MB RAM allocated video card

Options, General, Disable Acceleration unchecked

Thank you!

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VMware Tools 10.2.5 build 8068406 has VMware SVGA 3D driver version

In general, the video drivers of VMware Tools can be extracted to a folder by running

setup64 /a

in a Command Prompt window in a Windows VM. You'll be prompted for a folder location destination for the extraction.

You can then update the video driver manually from the Device Manager of the Windows VM and point to the folder where you extracted the VMware Tools to look for updated drivers. This way you only change the video driver and everything else is untouched (e.g. VMCI, vmxnet3, pvscsi drivers, VMware Tools suite etc).

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