Active/Active NIC team issue

I have two NIC's teamed in an Active/Active config for a Virtual Machine Port group. I have set all the physical switch ports to 100 Full Duplex and also done the same via vCenter for the ESX hosts.

One of the ESX nic's is shutting down and only when I put this nic to Auto-negotiate does it come back up??


I have a VM Port Group - Active/Active (vmnic2 & vmnic3)

Service console - Active/Standby (Vmnic2 is Active and vmnic3 is standby)

vmkernal - Active/Standby ( Vmnic3 is Active and vmnic2 is standby)

My main concern is that some of the VM's are not pingable after vmnic3 shuts down but I have setup the active/active config for some resiliency! - Can anyone confirm if I am missing something fundemental?

Any help/comments welcome.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hello gedi78,

So, you are connecting the nics to a 10/100 Switch? You should really try to use gigabit if possible.

In the meantime, just try setting the switch ports and the NICs on the ESX hosts to auto-negotiate. I hope that helps. Let us know what you find out if you change the settings.

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Harley Stagner

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