Accessing a VM on ESXi


I'm very new to virtualization so sorry this question is pretty basic. I have sucessfully installed ESXi 5 to a Dell PowerEdge 2900 server and then used vmWare vCenter Converter to do a P2V conversion of my laptop to test out. Everything went smoothly with the P2V conversion that I targeted to my ESXi server. So now I open the vSphere Client and see the virtual instance of my laptop running in the console view.

My question is this...for a real world application, how would I access the virtual instance of my laptop to work from it on the ESXi server?...for instance if my laptop died and I needed to keep working, I could use the virtual instance of my laptop, but I'm not understanding how I would "access and use" it..other than from the vSphere Client console.



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Your options to remotely access that VM would be the same as any other server essentially.  Through the console connection or RDP.

You are sort of tapping into the territory of our VDI solution called View... If that "laptop" VM was in a view environment you could accesses it from any machine with the View PCOIP client (thin client, tablet, fat client, etc)