A Lun is inaccessible, ESXi cant reach the VMs


we have a big problem with our ESXi environment.

One of our 7 luns is suddenly inaccessible.
These are on a SCv3020 SAN.
In our environment there are 3 ESXi which share the same SAN storage.

We have already tried rebooting the ESXi host or remounting the lun.

Unfortunately nothing helped and the VMs that are on this one lun are now unresponsive.

The people who set up this environment are no longer available.
Unfortunately, it is not known with which account this environment is licensed.
Therefore, we cannot open a ticket in the Service Portal....

Anybody got a idea what to do?

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More details are required:
what kind of connection between storage and ESXi hosts (HBA fibre channel, ISCSI, SAS)?
What is the way of direct connection or through a SAN Switch ?
Depending on your answer you should verify if the physical connection is active or not.

You can enter the storage and validate the connection of the ESXi host that does not see the LUN.

Enrique Espinel
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