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8.0U2 Upgrade fails due to ProfileValidationError: missing component(s) ESXi,Mellanox-nmlx5

I've got a Dell PowerEdge R640 (with stock dual Broadcom BCM5720 NICs) running ESXi 8.0 P01 (build 21203435).

I'm trying to upgrade ESXi to 8.0 U2 (build 22380479) via the process at Update ESXi Hosts by Using Zip Files - VMWare Docs, but the command [esxcli software vib update /vmfs/volumes/…/VMWare-ESXi-8.0U2-22380479-depot.zip] fails with this error:

Profile (Update) ESXi-8.0b-21203435-standard is missing component(s) ESXi,Mellanox-nmlx5. Make sure the image contains these component(s) at a version equal or higher than the version found in the ESXi release version 8.0.2-0.0.22380479. Please refer to the log file for more details.

I found some suggestions online (Reddit) to remove the nmlx5-core and nmlx5-rdma packages, but that seems like a nasty workaround because it would preclude the installation of Mellanox NICs in the future, and on top of that it's a high-level decision I don't want to make as a mere Cyber Security Engineer tasked with updating our stack.

Does anyone know the trick to a successful, clean upgrade from ESXi 8.0 P01 (build 21203435) to ESXi 8.0 U2 (build 22380479)?

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