4.0 to 4.1 - Fault string: The session is not authenticated.

I've done a few updates and it was painless from 4 to 4.1 however with on box I am having a issue with.

I am not near the server and my connection at home is with a 3G card but at work where i do the updates has a 200Kb upload semi stable.

This is the command im issuing:

vihostupdate.pl --server sv1.localnet.com -i -b upgrade-from-ESXi4.0-to-4.1.0-0.0.260247-release.zip -B ESXi410-GA-esxupdate --verbose

Bunch of nonsense but here are the errors...

Requested 474 MB and 4092 MB is allocated at /tmp/updatecache

Copy upgrade-from-ESXi4.0-to-4.1.0-0.0.260247-release.zip to server at /tmp/upda


Please wait patch installation is in progress ...

Install operation failed:

SOAP Fault:

Fault string: The session is not authenticated.

Fault detail: NotAuthenticatedFault

My guess would be the password? But not the case...

vihostupdate.pl --server sv1.localnet.com --query

Enter username: root

Enter password:


Bulletin ID--

Installed- -

Dell 2009-11-17T19:07:23 ESX Vib

Dell_OpenManage_ESXi 2010-02-24T22:28:25 OpenManage for ESXi

ESXi400-201006203-UG 2010-07-04T20:43:44 VI Client update for 4.0 U2 release

ESXi400-Update02 2010-07-04T20:43:44 VMware ESXi 4.0 Update 2

ESXi400-201009401-BG 2010-11-19T20:57:00 Updates Firmware

ESXi400-201009402-BG 2010-11-19T20:57:00 Updates VMware Tools

I tried doing this around 3 times and the same outcome.

Guess my question is... Is there a time out for the authentication?Any other options around this?

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It's being posted before. You can have a read over http://communities.vmware.com/message/1604168

iDLE-jAM | VCP 2, VCP 3 & VCP 4

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I will follow that thread. Kinda odd... Maybe its the Dell addon?

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