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2012R2 failover cluster - one node won't stay up

Two node cluster on 2012r2, vSphere 6, both on the same host, same subnet/virtual switch.  The second node constantly goes up and down.  Each network card shows as unavailable in the cluster manager.  A file share witness is being used and this server is also on the same host.  The share is accessible and permissions are full control for the cluster and each node.  A packet capture shows that tcp retransmit is occurring but it seems to be after the cluster manager shows the NICS as unavailable.  Each node has a heartbeat NIC and it is set to allow cluster network communication only.  The current NIC being used is e1000, initially vmxnet3.

The network and node comes back up after about 5 minutes and this repeats constantly.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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