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10G Intel 82599EB Nic pass-thru is not working on my Win2008R2

Hi Gurus,

I have an ESX 5.0 in my environment with 2 port intel 82599EB 10G nic. I am able to see these nics in ESX configuration.

I am trying to configure 1 port nic pass-thru to my win2008R2 machine and see the machine crashing. Everything will back to normal when i remove pass-thru PCI device from the VM. What am i missing? Please help!



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1) make sure your VM Hardware is up to date 2) VMtool is running up to date 3) inside the Guest OS, make sure you have installed correct driver. kindly add the guest VM logs.


Is any other ESXi component using the NIC that you want to pass-thru by any chance? Also, have you enabled VT-d in BIOS?

The thing I'd try is to disconnect the whole VM from network - removing its current network adapter and then adding the PCI Passthru device.

If that fails, the only other thing that comes to mind is enabling a straight Hardware Passthrough via VMware KB: Configuring VMDirectPath I/O pass-through devices on a VMware ESX or VMware ESXi host .

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